Building A Kindle Library

We are living in The Digital Age. What people would pay loads of money for in the past now can get these books and resources for either free or a few pennies. The devices we have now can hold thousands of books in the palms of our hands that we can take wherever we go and read whenever the time is right. Below is a list of free online books to give you a kindle library that would rival what ancient libraries only could dream they could have in their collection.


  1. The Great Books of The Western World
  2. The Harvard Classics
  3. Classics of The World by Open Culture


  1. R.C. Sproul’s Crucial Question Series
  2. Desiring God (John Piper & Co.) Free Ebooks
  3. The Ancient Church Fathers
  4. Monergism Books
  5. Calvin’s Commentaries and Institutes

Websites for Kindle Deals

  1. Challies Kindle Finds for Christian
  2. Gospel Ebooks
  3. Ebook Friendly

P.S. Also, a great way to get free pdf copies of books is if you own a blog and are willing to write book reviews for the books they send you for free. I utilize both Crossway Publishing and Netgalley as great ways to review and get kindle books for free!