Building An Audio Library

Listening to audio books has recently become the newest way I am able to “read” as many books as I can, either for my graduate degree or for my job. It is amazing how much time is wasted just sitting in the car driving, so either when I am driving to work, which is thirty minutes both ways, or I am just going for a Sunday drive to get my little girls to nap, I have found these audio tools to be the best way to build an audio library.

  1. Christian Audio is a great resource, which offers one audio book for free every month on top of great sale selections. My personal favorite sale is the twice yearly sale they do where almost their entire audio catalog is on sale for four to eight dollars an audio book, which is deeply discounted!
  2. Audible has a great selection of audio books and its very user friendly, as their app gives you the ability to speed up the book or slow down and it is very much aesthetically pleasing. Sign up for a free trial and get two free audio books, and even if you cancel the membership, you get to keep the audio books.
  3. Lit2Go is a selection of audio books that are of all the greatest classics such as The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Crime and Punishment, The Iliad, A Tale of Two Cities and many other classics, ALL FOR FREE! You can download them for easier access through iTunes University.
  4. ReformedAudio has some great Reformed Classics as well ready to download all for free. Machen, Warfield and Ryle are all great suggestions to begin with this site.
  5. LibriVox is a volunteer based site that has volunteers read and record public domain books for your listening pleasure. Harder to use site, but they seem to have some gems, especially classics by Puritans like Richard Sibbes and Thomas Watson that look like great ones to try out.