Building A Seminary Education (For Free!)

Education is expensive. However, the ability to grow in the knowledge of various subjects is unlike any other time in history. Our access to books, classes and lectures are now literally just a click of the finger away.

Below is a list of courses that are free from iTunes University from Westminster Theological Seminary, Covenant Theological Seminary and Reformed Theological Seminary that will give you a comprehensive seminary education for free:
1. The Westminster Standards by Sinclair Ferguson (WTS)
2. Covenant Theology by Ligon Duncan (RTS)
3. Biblical Theology by G.K. Beale (WTS)
4. Biblical Hermeneutics by Vern Poythress by (WTS)
5. Apologetics by Scott Oliphant (WTS)
6. History of Philosophy by John Frame (RTS)
7. Ancient & Medieval History by David Calhoun (CTS)
8. Reformation & Modern History by David Calhoun (CTS)
9. The Reformation by Carl Trueman (WTS)
10. The Puritans by J.I. Packer (RTS)
11. Calvin’s Institutes by David Calhoun (CTS)
12. Systematic I: Prolegomena by David Garner (WTS)
13. Systematic II: Doctrine of God by Scott Oliphant (WTS)
14. Systematic III: Humanity, Christology, Salvation by Robert Peterson (CTS)
15. Systematic IV: Spirit, Ecclesiology and Eschatology by Robert Peterson (CTS)
16: The Pentateuch by Richard Pratt Jr (RTS)
17: Judges-Poets by Jon Currid (RTS)
18: The Prophets by RIchard Pratt Jr (RTS)
19: The Gospels and Acts by Knox Chamblin (RTS)
20: Romans by Knox Chamblin (RTS)
21: Pauline Epistles by Knox Chamblin (RTS)
22: Hebrews-Revelation by Michael Kruger (RTS)
23: Pastoral Studies by James Anderson (RTS)
24: Church & Culture by James Anderson (RTS)
25. Preaching Christ by Timothy Keller (RTS)

Here is also a link to a couple pages with resources

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